The Art of Love – John 15:12-17

We all like the idea of love, but putting it into practice is the hard part. Jesus commands us to love each other. He says to love each other like He loves us and his kind of love is a love where you lay down your life for your friends. It's the kind of love which can only flow out of the resources of Jesus himself, the fruit of abiding in the vine. And just like a cherry tomato plant bears cherry tomatoes, it’s a Jesus person who bears Jesus love. Pastor Lachlan talks about practicing the difficult art of loving people well.

Abide in the Vine – John 15:1-11

Central to discipleship to Jesus is his invitation to abide in him, the true the vine. To abide means to make our home there, to dwell in Jesus and live with him. The second metaphor of the vine means he’s also our root system and we are fruit bearing branches bringing life to the world through our nourishment in Him. Pastor Lachlan explains what this looks like in his life and how we can live into this reality.

Following the Way of Jesus – Vision Part 3

We are seeking to be a community of disciples following the way of Jesus for the sake of the world. In this sermon Pastor Lachy looks at Jesus call to "follow me" and what that means for how we live and do church. A disciple is an apprentice of Jesus who follows him by being with Jesus, learning from Jesus and becoming like Jesus. The invitation is therefor to commit to the way of Jesus, be changed by the way of Jesus and begin to walk with Jesus in his way.

Who is the Holy Spirit? – John 14:15-31

Jesus promises the disciples that His Father will send them another friend like him, who will be with them and in them forever. The Holy Spirit can be a confusing subject for many Christians. He is a friend whom we know but could learn a fair bit more about. Jesus introduces his disciples to the promised Holy Spirit, another like him who will come to be their advocate, helper, ally, counsellor, encourager, strengthener and true friend.

Reclining Faith – John 13:21-38

The posture of a beloved disciple is one who leans back and reclines on Jesus. On one of the darkest nights in history, Jesus' friends respond in different ways. Peter, Judas and John respectively demonstrate postures of self-reliance, God-defiance and God-dependence. The beloved the disciple is one who rests on Jesus, leans back on his chest and has a posture of reclining faith.

A Community of Disciples – Vision Part 2

The first part of our vision is that we would be a community of disciples. Community has always been the way God works. The trinity, the story of creation, Israel, the disciples and the Church demonstrate that community is at the heart of God. In a society plagued by loneliness and isolation, God is calling his family to be a like a family, for the sake of one another and the people around us.